What’s this site all about

I was born and brought up in Melksham, Wiltshire and later moved to Swindon again in Wiltshire but have now settled on the Isle of Wight just off the South coast of the UK.

Both of my parents were born in London and moved to Wiltshire during the evacuation of World War II.


As far as the Curd family research goes: I have traced many of the London family, mainly in and around Hoxton and Bethnal Green in the East End, and have made connections with the Chipperfield, Sarratt and Redbourn areas of Hertfordshire. This takes the record back as far as about 1750 and to John Curd and his wife Susannah Pymley. Unfortunately I am stuck at this point and can find nothing to suggest that the Curd family originate in that area. I have also found major connections with the papermaking trade and can see that many of the family travelled the UK with that business. This extends the family to Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Durham, Flintshire, Derbyshire and more.


My mother’s family name, Peacock is proving much more difficult to follow. I have found information on her father, Edward, her grandfather, Edward Alfred, and some sparse information on two more generations – I would really like some help here so if you have Peacock connections in London or Greenwich (UK) I would love to hear from you.

There is a separate page for associated surnames here.