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Why Choose Devizes?

Edward Peacock

Edward Peacock

For a very long time I have been trying to discover why my maternal grandfather (Edward Peacock), moved from London to Devizes with his wife and two daughters.

I have spoken to my mother about this on several occasions but she has no idea why – she can’t remember any relatives in the area and doesn’t recall any reason ever being given.

Edward was an Optician and Photographer by profession and both of these are listed here as “reserved occupations” – meaning he wasn’t expected to go to war; he did however volunteer as a Fire Warden in Devizes.

My mother does remember visiting a Rev. Basil Sydney Phillips when she was very young, and also that she was expected to be on her best behaviour! “Basil Sydney Phillips” is a great name to search for, so off I went to Google it. I came up with a couple of interesting documents:

A Devizes Link!

Kellys Directory Extract 1939 Worton & Marston which lists Rev. Phillips as retired Gentry/Private Resident living in The Ivy at Worton.

A Royal link! suggested that, by his father’s marriage to Alice Margaret Moore, Rev. Basil Sydney Phillips had become part of a very long list of descendants of King James I & VI!

It’s getting interesting

Edward Alfred Peacock

Edward Alfred Peacock

OK, back to Edward Peacock: his father was Edward Alfred Peacock and I know he married twice. First to Emmeline Phillips and later to her sister Rose Ellen Phillips. Edward Alfred was connected to the church by his work with the London City Mission – could it be that the Edward Alfred Peacock knew Basil Sydney Phillips, or may have been related to him by marriage, and suggested his son, Edward, moved to Devizes to “protect” his family from the worst of WWII using this connection?

Edward Alfred moved to Devizes later in his life and died there on 27th April 1954 aged 75.

There’s always more investigating to do in genealogy and this looks like it may be hard to prove, I am going to try though!

Happy New Year, it look like it might be a busy one!

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