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I recently restarted some research into the connections between early Curd settlers in the US and my own branch of the family here in the UK.Isle of Bute Map - Makuredy Home

There are multiple mentions of connections between the US family and the Isle of Bute and Ireland, mainly on US websites, but I have never seen much more than passing references. However, while taking advantage of a “free” weekend’s access to¬†, I found an associated link between CURD, MAKUREDY and McCURDY.

Various links lead me to this page where there is a great deal of information particularly on the early McCURDY lines.

There is a warning at the beginning of the document regarding accuracy so please be careful if you use anything from the page(s) there.

Despite being a little difficult to unravel the tree structures in places, this is an informative document (about 30 A4 pages if printed) РI just hope to find a good link between the families CURD and McCURDY so that I can make solid connections.

I suspect this will come down to DNA at some point so I’d be very interested to hear from anyone called MAKUREDY or McCURDY. If you have any connection with these names please get in touch as I’m sure this can be cracked….

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